Congratulations to Luke and Gemma on the BEST EVER Finnley's Day 4!

Luk e & Gemma Finnely Day 4

A huge congratulations to our Client Services Manager Luke Froude, from our BFS Factors office in Banbury UK and his wife Gemma, who held the BEST EVER Finnley’s Day in memory of their son, who was born twelve weeks prematurely in January 2010, weighing just 1lb 4oz.

A massive achievement for them and their family, raising over £9,000 from a day of fundraising and celebration for what would have been Finnley’s 4th birthday.

In total they have now raised over a staggering £61,000 for their charity SSNAP (Support for Sick New-born’s and their Parents), a heartfelt thank you for the precious 18 weeks the New-born Intensive Care Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, allowed them with their son.

The GSB team are so proud of their achievements, and are delighted to apply match funding year on year for such a wonderful cause.

Also a special thank you to Gemma who nominated Luke for Banbury Sound’s (Radio) Champion of Champions! Luke helped to turn on the town’s Christmas lights after winning the competition for all the work he has done for SSNAP.

 “I’m really pleased. It’s as much my wife Gemma’s award as mine and it’s been nice to get a good reception.” – Luke.