Beards for Bairns

BOL Beards for Bairns

January saw a particularly itchy and scratchy beginning of the year for some at Bibby Offshore (BOL) in Aberdeen, however it was all for a good cause. As part of the ‘Beards for Bairns’ challenge in aid of the Archie Foundation, some members of the   Supply Chain Management Team took on the challenge of growing a beard from the 25th December to the 25th January.

The Archie Foundation does a great deal of work supporting the Royal Aberdeen Children’s hospital, which was 10 years old in January, and will have cared for over 1 million children and their families.

 This was truly a great cause to support and through a combination of determination, discomfort and their ability to take the odd bit of ‘polite’ criticism, the Bibby team managed to raise an incredible £2,330. This figure was also match funded by Bibby Line Group to bring the total to a fantastic £3,330! This figure surpassed all of their expectations, and they have truly done the company proud with a massive kick-start to our 2014 fundraising efforts.