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Grand Canyon Trekking Challenge raises over £40,000

22 of our employees throughout the Bibby Line Group divisions undertook a once in a lifetime trek through the Grand Canyon in October, raising in excess of £40,000 for charities of their choice. Our second International Central Event of the year saw the group descending into the abyss of one of the natural wonders of the world, trekking various rocky trails, crossing waterfalls and conquering the narrow path leading to the summit of the Canyon. The group showed grit and determination by conquering the infamous Mooney Falls, using only chains and sheer willpower to overcome the extremely challenging descent.  Unfortunately there were some casualties along the way, but this did not deter the spirited and resilient group, who pulled together and demonstrated incredible team spirit. . Congratulations to everyone on their wonderful achievements both during the challenge and their fundraising efforts – it was a truly amazing event with an incredible team!