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Childreach International Futurebuild Project in Tanzania

October was a busy month for the GSB team and our 34 employees who attended our two International Central events of the year – our legacy project in Tanzania and our trekking challenge to the Grand Canyon. Our legacy project this year saw 12 individuals, including Sir Michael Bibby and his son Christopher, raise money for Childreach International who work in partnership with local communities in the developing world to secure children’s basic rights. As part of this objective is ensuring the right to adequate sanitation, with Tanzania being in desperate need due to nearly half the 20 million population not having access to clean water.

The Bibby Line Group Future Building Project addressed the specific needs of Matemboni Primary near the town of Moshi, which currently has 348 pupils and 15 staff members.  The project connected the school to the main water system, with the group installing a new water reservoir and tank to replace a dilapidated water tap that provided minimal access to clean water. During the dry season, water shortages as a result of extremely limited supply can lead to cancellations of classes, which impacts upon attendance levels and disrupts lessons for those who do attend. The team also renovated a classroom that was in disrepair, painting the walls with the alphabet and laying a new concrete floor, which is crucial in creating a positive environment for the children to learn. The need for support in the community is vital, with our team raising a massive £48,000 for the charity, with the impact of the work that was completed being immense. The project also provided a once in a lifetime trip for our team, with incredible experiences such as a hand over and thank you ceremony to the group, gospel performances by local children, and sampling the local culture by painting Tinga Tinga pictures. Well done to all involved for doing such a wonderful job and making a huge difference to the lives of others!