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Sir Michael’s Son, Christopher, Joins Tanzania Project

Christopher Bibby, part of the 7th generation of the Bibby family and the son of Sir Michael Bibby, Managing Director of Bibby Line Group, will be joining one of our central events this year. Christopher will be supporting the charity Childreach International and joining our Bibby Line Group volunteer team, heading out to Tanzania this October.

Our group will be supporting the Matemboni Primary School in the Moshi rural district, which currently has an old water tape, which does not provide enough water for the pupils or the school itself.

Students are bringing a can of water a day from home or the closest (which can be miles) dirty stream for both their own use and for the school’s kitchen, small vegetable garden and to be used for cleaning. The team’s task will be to connect the school to the main water system, and install a new reservoir with a rain collection tank, providing sufficient water for both pupils and the school throughout the year.

Christopher’s involvement is part of Bibby Line Group’s 7G (7th generation) programme, which aims to develop a team of loyal, informed and inspired shareholders for the future, offering them opportunities to learn about the business and fostering a sense of identity with, and pride in, the group’s activities whilst also enhancing their personal development and teamwork skills.

Christopher turns 18 in August and will be the second member of the thirteen 7G members to participate in the company’s Giving Something Back programme, after Alice Smith, who volunteered in Nepal last year.

Christopher BibbyChristopher says:

"I wish to help people less fortunate than myself during my gap year, and I could not think of a better way to do this than with the Bibby Line Group team."

We wish Christopher all the best for the challenge ahead and welcome him to the team!

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