ActionAid Nepal Team

7th Generation Joins ActionAid-Nepal Project!

Alice Smith, one of the 7th generation of Bibbys and the eldest daughter of Jennifer Smith, Non-Executive Director of Bibby Line Group, will be joining the ActionAid volunteer team which is heading out to Nepal in November to help build homes for the Kamaiya people who have recently been freed from a life of bonded labour – a form of slavery – and left with the basic of shelter.

Alice’s involvement is part of Bibby Line Group’s 7G (7th generation) programme which aims to develop a team of loyal, informed and inspired shareholders for the future, offering them opportunities to learn about the business and fostering a sense of identity with, and pride in, the group’s activities whilst also enhancing their personal development and teamwork skills.

Alice turns 18 in October and will be the first of the thirteen 7G members to participate in the company’s Giving Something Back programme. We wish her all the best for the challenge ahead and welcome her to the team.

 Alice comments: 

Alice Smith “I am really looking forward to the project as I think it will be a huge challenge and completely different to anything I have experienced before.  I hope to help relieve poverty in Nepal and learn about a culture and way of life that is so unlike the one I am used to. Working with a diverse team of people.”