Welcome Home to our Brazil Volunteers!


Brazil 1

Our Bibby Brazil Team returned from Sao Paulo, (30th October 2012), after completing renovation work on homes within the community alongside the charity Habitat for Humanity, raising over £16,000 for the charity in the process.

16 employees from across 7 of our operating businesses in 11 locations including 2 international employees were split into four groups, working within five houses in the Heliopolis favela, meeting the families they were there to support. 

The team would visit the local school each day to have their lunch, with one group staying to sit in on lessons and helping to engage the children in their education.

Daily updates were communicated from the BLG representative out in Brazil to the GSB Coordinator in the UK.  These were then circulated to friends and family, who really appreciated the insight.

 Here is an extract from the final day on the build:

 “The community are truly thankful to all of the team for their efforts. The outcome of the week has not been about building houses and fixing things for them, it has been about creating homes for wonderful people who find themselves in a situation that they make the most of. Community is the true feeling within Heliopolis, a place that opens its arms out to you and holds on tight.....”

 View more photos HERE.