Bibby Volunteers Leave a Legacy in Uganda

Uganda 2

16 volunteers from across our businesses returned back from Uganda in September (2010).  The team left a lasting legacy in the country, as well as changing the lives of the children and teachers they met.

The volunteers main objective was to help build and decorate the JackStandardSchool in Jinja, a small area outside of Kampala, with a charity called Teams4U.  This charity is an organisation that works through partners using a unique mix of volunteers and professionals to deliver programmes and implement projects. The Bibby Team where asked to build the main foundations of the new teachers living quarters, as well as using their artistic flair to decorate the existing children’s dorms.

The team completed the job over 10 days, interacting with the children and learning just how little the families have in the community.  Another task was to hand out gifts and clothing to the children and teachers, which fellow Bibby colleagues from home so kindly donated.  Such a small gift truly meant the world to the people of the village and they where overwhelmed by the love and hope this small group was giving.

Learning so much about each other and themselves, Uganda welcomed them all with open arms, winning their hearts immediately. The group had a trip of a lifetime and came home with some magical memories and wonderful moments they will carry with them forever.

“It has really changed me and opened my eyes and life will never be the same again.”

“Not a second has gone by when I haven’t either thought of the team, the children and the endless other amazing people I met and I aim to never forget.”

“I accomplish something I never thought I would ever do.”

Over £11,000 was donated to the charity Teams4U  in the process, with even one participant cutting her long locks off in front of a thousand people in Leicester to help raise the cash!

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