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Do you like the idea of volunteering but are not quite sure where to start? 

Here at Bibby Line Group, we appreciate that there can perhaps be more value in volunteering for your chosen cause than any financial contribution, and fully support our employees if they wish to invest their time in aid of a charitiable organisation. We can offer advice and guidance should you wish to explore this possibility, with a brief insight detailed below.

Firstly, have a think about the skills and hobbies that you have and how you could use them to support a community project or charity in your area. Such as, do you have good organisational skills? Can you cook or bake? Is cleaning something you enjoy? What about gardening and driving? Do you like reading, playing sports or even decorating?

All of these can be used as a way of volunteering!

Giving your time is just as important to a charitable cause as donating money, if not more in some cases, and volunteering can be a fantastic opportunity to meet other like minded people. Not being paid to give your time doesn’t mean it isn’t rewarding and can be an immensely enjoyable experience! 

We welcome you to visit the Do-It.org website to search volunteering opportunities in your area, where you can search for further links and possible options by inputting your interests and skills.

Take a look at this article about the surprising benefits volunteering can bring to you and should you choose to undertake some volunteering, don't forget to let us know by completing this online form! You never know, a little publicity can help your charity get noticed for future support!