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From July 2012, Bibby Line Group created an ongoing promotion offering UK employees match funding of up to £10 per month when they commit to participate in the Payroll Giving scheme for a minimum of 12 months. £400,000 has now been donated to hundreds of charities through the scheme and proves to be a very popular way for donating to causes our employees care about.

How does it work? 

Payroll Giving is a tax efficient way to provide continuous support to your chosen causes through regular donations, taken from your salary on a monthly basis before tax is deducted. Please note, this is for our UK employees only.

This means the amount you pledge will cost you less….. 

Payroll Giving Page

How do I join?

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Bibby Line Group does not administer one off donations from employee's salaries. 

To sign up or change your donation online please click on the appropriate links below:

Costcutter click here

Bibby Offshore click here

Bibby Financial Services - pleaae sign up via the BFS benefits portal 

All other Bibby Companies (i.e. BLG, BML, BDL, BLL) click here 

Once your request has been processed, Bibby Line Group will arrange for your donation to be made from your next available salary. This will show up as ‘GAYE Charities Trust’ on your pay slip. If you are paid weekly, Friday is the cut off for any amends. 

Bibby Line Group also cover all adminstration fees.

If you have any more questions about this scheme, please see here